Superior Court Judge's Struggle Gains National Attention

Every 4 minutes, someone in the U.S is diagnosed with some type of blood cancer. Bone marrow transplants offer the best chance for survival for those affliected by these conditions.

Superior Court Judge Carl Fox is battling blood cancer, but has not been silent about his fight. After having received his diagnosis a few months ago, Fox chose to use his struggle to raise awareness about these illnesses and to help others who are also suffering from the same type of maladies to find bone marrow donors.

The community has rallied to Fox's aid by hosting Donor Registration Events, like the one held last month at Bean & Barrel Restaurant in Governors Village. Another donor drive was held at University Place in Chape Hill drawing hundreds of potential donors. So far, hundreds have been registered in Chatham, Orange, and Wake counties.

Being a public figure, Fox's struggle has caught the attention of media around the Triangle and has been featured in many news stories like this one from ABC 11 in Raleigh. Judge Fox's story is also getting national attention through who are featuring him on the front page of their site. Click here to read the full feature.

With each new donor that is registered, Fox's chance of finding a donor match grows. However no match has been found as of yet. Even without a match, Fox still remains positive. “Even if a match is not found for me, I want to make a contribution by helping to find a match for someone else,” Fox said. “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

To learn more about blood cancer, visit And to learn how you can help Judge Fox, visit

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