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Strata Solar Pushes NC to #2 in Solar PV Capacity

Chapel Hill, NC -- North Carolina is now ranked second only to California for PV (photovoltaic) capacity. With 397MW (megawatts) of new PV installations in 2014, NC is now second only to California. The state's 1,011MW of installed solar energy ranks North Carolina fourth for solar capacity. And NC's 5,600 solar workers puts the state at number 11 in the nation.

Strata Solar, which is based in the Bold Building in Governors Village, has played a key role in this booming growth in the solar industry. Their partnership with Sol Systems and the National Cooperative Bank will allow them to add eight utility-scale solar farms to the state's existing solar energy base, totalling 67.3MW.

To read the full news release from Sol Systems, click here.

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