Reception featuring Murry Handler's art to be held at Bold Building Nov. 6

When you become an artist, you become an artist for life. Murry Handler, a world renowned mixed medium painter makes this statement more than a truth. Despite his age of 86 years, Murry continues to thrive as an artist--full of ideas and inspiration for new pieces almost every single day. He speaks confidently, stating that he creates new works “every day in every way.” When creating art in his attached garage-turned-studio at his home in Fearrington Village (Pittsboro), Murry strives to conjure unique and innovative pieces that fit into his various series. One of these themed series, entitled Metalica, features dazzling collages with the layering of silver (aluminum) foil and acrylic paints.


Murry Handler with wife, Enid

He came up with the innovative idea of including foil as an unusual medium for the series while eating his favorite fish sandwich from Allen & Sons BBQ, which was wrapped in--you guessed it--aluminum foil.

Another series, Realism Inserted, offers paintings with stark abstract design elements and just a touch of realism for a "surprise focal point." One of the most beautiful paintings in this series is Altimira-Oriole (see left), featuring the technique of gestural abstraction. Handler uses this technique to create a dripping effect of slate blue acrylic paint, creating a cocoon for a beautifully detailed Oriole bird.

Most of Handler's ideas come to him in the early morning hours when his mind is fresh. He visualizes his paintings or ideas and thinks them through in a semi-awake state before heading into the studio to work on the pieces. His work displays a variety of styles and techniques. From abstract realism to minimalism to works with a strong Asian influence. Handler is most comfortable working with an large array of styles and techniques because he simply "gets bored with one technique" and "doesn't want to lose his versatility," as told by his marketing manager and wife, Enid. "He does figural paintingsevery once in a while to change it up."

Murry has worked his whole life as an artist, starting from the second his mom gifted him with "three pots of paint," at six years old to being an advertising and graphic design artist in New York City for most of his life. Handler has sold his paintings to collectors and businesses all over the world. His art is currently displayed at numerous galleries, namely the FrAnk Gallery of Chapel Hill, NC and the Blue Moon gallery in Wilmington, NC, among others.

Handler also has his art displayed and featured in various art receptions throughout the year. His last art reception scheduled for 2014 will be on Nov. 6th at the Bold Building in Governors Village from 5-8 PM. There will be wine, good conversation alongside "different people, new people, new art, different art," in the words of Murry himself.


This year's event will be featuring a selection of his stunning watercolor paintings. Last year's reception featured mostly acrylic paintings, which are still currently on display inside the Bold Building, as Murry's art acts as the perfect stage for business lobbies and offices.

Mr. Handler also offers open studio sessions at his home throughout the year. They are free and open to the public and include refreshments--with no obligation to buy. Murry and his wife use their home as a gallery for his many works. These open studio events are by invitation only. Email his marketing manager at to schedule a session.

We anticipate the opportunity to see Handler's works for the last time this year until Spring 2015, during which he will be participating in the Artists Tour at Fearrington Village. Murry is an inspiration for artists everywhere. His creations are not only stunning, but tell each admirer a different story of expression and thought. His gallery is so diverse in composition that it is hard for people with even the most particular tastes to not pick a favorite. Chatham County is honored to host one of our world's most unique and inspiring painters, Murry Handler.

by Jessica Billings

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