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Governors Living magazine!

Have you received your copy of the new Governors Living publication yet?

The first edition was mailed to members of the Governors Communities at the beginning of March, and is described by the publisher as a publication "designed to reflect the people, children, families, pets, homes, social activities and interests within the Governors Community".

With articles such as "Precious Pets", "Athlete of the Month", "Resident Spotlight", and "Home of the Month", just to name a few, the publication looks to the residents for all of their content. And a word to the wise from area director, Steve DeCillis, is to act quickly if you'd like to secure a spot for your pet for the coveted "Precious Pet" of the month category! Steve laughs that this is always the most popular feature in the magazine, and that he will inevitably end up with a long waiting list full of cats, dogs, birds, lizards, and all types of beloved pets vying for a spot!

If you would like to submit content for the magazine, nominate a neighbor to be featured, sign up for an upcoming event... or to try and snag that Precious Pet title, just email Steve DeCillis at

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